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Choosing a wealth advisor could be one of the most important decisions you make. Certainly, it is really important once you approach retirement. After all, your investment strategy shifts in retirement. No longer are you in a position to “risk it all.” Indeed, our focus is on helping clients to protect their assets and wealth. Of course, all investments carry risks. However, we believe in strategies that place a balance between potential returns and protection of principal.

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In 2008, when the market took a dive, our founder, Devin Choules, learned first-hand how important it is to balance your investments wisely. Also, he saw why retirees must seek good advice. At that time, he was not yet in the financial services industry. However, he saw a family member suffer a 50% retirement account loss due to the market dropping. This was life-changing for Devin. His family member was someone who had lived through the Great Depression, worked hard his whole life. And now, in just a few short months, had seen it cut in half. Certainly, this was the catalyst that drove Devin to become a wealth advisor. He wanted to work with people to help them invest with balance and protect their wealth.

Fiduciary Duty

As a licensed investment advisor, Devin Choules carries a fiduciary duty to his clients. To clarify, this means he must act in the best interest of his clients at all times. He holds a Series 65 license. Therefore, he is held to a higher ethical service standard than wealth advisors who do not hold this designation. For example, some advisors only have to hold their clients to a standard of “suitability.” This simply means that the advisor must ask themselves “is this product suitable for this client?” However, Devin and other advisors who hold a Series 65 license must always act in the best interest of the client. In other words, good enough isn’t good enough.

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Wealth Management Services

We know that the process of retirement may feel overwhelming. But, it doesn’t have to be. Our team can meet with you, review your current situation, and make recommendations. We can discuss important retirement considerations, unique to your situation, which may include:

Rule of 100

Although not a hard and fast rule, the rule of 100 is a good general guideline. In fact, this guideline may help you determine how much money you might consider having in investments. Here’s how it works. Subtract your age from the number 100. Your answer will tell you the maximum amount of money you may consider putting at risk in investments.

For example, let’s say you are 72. If we subtract 72 from 100, we get 28. In this example (according to the rule of 100), no more than 28% of your wealth should be at risk in the market. Of course, many people choose to have less than this percentage invested. In fact, based on your situation, your wealth advisor may not recommend investing at all. Remember, an advisor like Devin Choules is bound by his license to act in your best interest. Therefore, it is important to seek advice from a fiduciary before making any financial decisions.

Let's Discuss Your Goals

The first step in reaching your goals is to know where you are now. So, to help facilitate this, we offer financial consulting services to review your current situation. In our meeting, we’ll go over where you are now, where you want to go, and ideas on how you can get there. Sometimes, new clients learn that they’ve got everything in place the way they want it. Other times, clients learn something that helps them plan even better for their future. Regardless, we invite you to reach out today to make an appointment. Let’s work together towards the retirement future you would like to see.

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