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Is A Simple Retirement Strategy Possible?

With so many options out there, a simple retirement strategy can seem impossible. Furthermore, retirees have lots of decisions to make. Firstly, where will you put your money? For example, you may currently have an IRA or a 401(k) account but perhaps you’re not sure if that’s where your money should stay. Specifically, you may be wondering which types of investments or insurance vehicles will you should use for the best long-term outcome. With so many choices, people look to make the retirement process as easy as possible.

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Simple Is Sometimes Better

When you get closer to retirement, you may begin to see just how many different options there are for your money. Earlier in your working years, you may have felt comfortable with your money in the stock market. However, many retirees begin to look for more secure places to put their nest egg as they age. Because of the ups and downs of the stock market, some people want to protect their principal. Furthermore, they want to know that their money won’t be impacted by any drops in the market. But the key is to do this in a way that you understand. Indeed, complexity has no place in a simple retirement strategy. 

Products such as fixed index annuities and certain life insurance policies may provide the protection you’re looking for. Some of these options can provide you with an income for life*, no matter what happens in the markets. In addition, you may even be able to increase your income with inflation, through an optional income rider on your fixed index annuity. Finally, you may be able to obtain a reasonable rate of return** over time with a fixed index annuity. If you protect your hard-earned money, your simple retirement strategy may not be as complicated as you thought it might be.

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Interested in learning more about options for protecting your money? Choules Financial is here for you. Reach out to us today for a consultation (with no obligation or cost). Or, sign up to attend on of our educational dinner seminars to learn more.

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Stress Free Retirement

What Is A Simple Retirement Strategy?

As the excitement of retirement draws near (or arrives!), many people take stock of their accounts. Indeed, your future lifestyle and your legacy depends on it. But, if you’re like many retirees, you may feel uneasy about those accounts. Perhaps you’re worried about what might happen to your money in a down market. Or, you may begin to feel a little overwhelmed about the idea of having to manage your money more closely. We believe that retirees should be able to enjoy their lives, not spend time worrying about their money. To that end, we believe a strategy for a simple retirement is one that gives you the income you need, and the stability you want. 

To achieve this, retirees should think about the following:

  1. Do you have a good understanding of the account or product your money is in and how it makes you money?
  2. If the market goes down, are you confident that your money is protected?
  3. When questions come up, do you know who to call?
You Are In Control Of Your Future

How To Keep Your Strategy Simple

Choules Financial works to make sure all our clients fully understand all their options. Although the financial markets can be complex, your retirement doesn’t have to be. Often, clients are unclear as to how their investments actually work. We believe it is our responsibility to make sure you not only understand how things work but also all the potential risks involved. Ultimately, we believe the best strategy is one you understand fully. 

Every year, we work closely with our clients to review their situation. For instance, we can look over your retirement accounts and help answer questions about possible options for that money. For existing policies, we will work with you to renew them and provide the information you need to make the best decisions for yourself. We believe things should be simple and clear.

In addition, we provide education to our community via our dinner seminars. To learn more about these or register for an upcoming event, contact us.

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