Is it possible to…

Retire tax free?*

That is the ultimate goal, isn’t it?

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To retire tax free* may seem impossible. However, there are ways to create an income that is not taxable. For example, one option is to use an indexed universal life insurance policy (IUL). If you have an IUL insurance policy, you may have a way to retire tax free.* In fact, an IUL gives you access to some of your cash without having to pay taxes on it. Importantly, your individual financial situation will impact whether an IUL will work for you. So, make sure you connect with us to review your options and learn more.

Why it matters

Retiring Tax Free*

Some things are universal truths in life. For many people, taxes seem to be one of those truths. But, what do you believe about taxes? Do you believe that they will rise in the future? Most people do feel taxes tend to increase. Therefore, the question is: how will this affect your retirement income? Indeed, tax changes often impact your retirement. Or, increases in taxes sometimes hit your money hardest after you pass away. For example, loved ones may end up with a tax bill. No matter your beliefs about taxes, it is critical to have a strategy to handle them.

Think about this: which assets of yours are taxable versus non-taxable? The answer to this may impact whether or not you can retire tax free.* Some types of retirement accounts have tax codes that make withdrawals taxable. In addition, if you have money in certain types of accounts, your money may be at risk. In fact, stock market volatility impacts many accounts. However, an IUL does not have money in the market. Therefore, your money is not at risk in the market. Each policy is different in terms of its details and benefits. Importantly, IUL’s can provide more than the ability to retire tax free.*

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retire tax free
Can People Retire Tax Free*

Using An IUL?

Could an IUL be a viable option for you? Several factors play into this determination. Take a look at the list below and consider them. Our group at Choules Financial is happy to help you discover more about the possibility of retiring tax free.* Also, we can review your current life insurance policies with you to see if the tax free* strategy may apply.

Do you…

  • Think taxes will be at a higher rate in the future?
  • Believe you should prepare for a possible tax increase?
  • Have a way to counter-balance higher taxes in retirement?
  • Know how taxes may impact your beneficiaries?
  • See a way to minimize taxes on your estate?
  • Have a strategy for tax free* money?
  • Feel it is better to pay taxes on some money now or pay taxes later, possibly at a higher rate?
What are

Your Next Steps?

Learn more ways to reduce overall tax implications on your retirement. Indeed, there is no way to know where exactly tax laws will land in the future. Also, we can’t know for sure how those changes may impact your money. However, you can make a strategy to help. Additionally, an IUL may allow you to take advantage of some market upside. You may also find value in the peace of mind that this life insurance policy provides. An IUL may be part of a retirement strategy, as well as a way to earn tax free* income.

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