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How to Plan For Your Retirement

Mostly, clients want to make sure their money will last for the rest of their lives. The key to a good strategy is to have a qualified professional on your side. Choules Financial has a down to Earth approach to help you make that goal achievable.

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For one thing, we believe in protecting your money. Although every situation is different, all of the people we work with have one thing in common: they want to protect some of their assets. In addition, when you’re figuring out how to plan for your retirement, you also need an income strategy. Firstly, we will review your accounts. Secondly, we’ll explain your current or future risks so you understand the whole picture. Finally, we will outline your options, so you can feel confident about your financial future. Essentially, we guide you to a strategy that works for you. 


Review of Your Retirement Strategy

Many of our clients attend our educational seminars to learn more about their retirement options. In addition, we also provide complimentary reviews of retirement strategies. In the review session, we will take a look at your current accounts, your goals, and your current retirement strategies. Also, we will discuss the current possible risks in your existing accounts. Since our goal is to protect your money for the long-term, we’ll review options that help you do that. You can ask any questions you’d like. And, we’ll provide answers and recommendations. To be a good retirement strategy, it must be one you understand well. To that end, our retirement reviews will also include information about:

How To Plan For Your Retirement
Now That Its Here

When you’re still saving for retirement, most people can tolerate more risk. This is because you generally have time on your side. However, once retirement arrives, things change. Your strategy needs to change, too. In fact, in this stage, most people begin to focus on protecting the savings they have. The priority is making sure their money will last their lifetime. Thankfully, there are options for keeping your principal protected. Also, you may want the option of leaving some of your wealth to your loved ones without a large tax consequence. By working with our team, you can learn about possibilities for leaving a legacy as well.

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Join us at for one of our complimentary gourmet meals and educational seminars.

Protection First

When Devin was young, he watched his grandfather scrimp and save every penny he could. Indeed, he knew the value of the dollar and he wasn’t about to waste it. Fast forward to 2008/2009, and the stock market hit his grandfather’s wealth hard. The accounts dropped nearly 50%. It was at that moment that Devin decided to dedicate his career to helping people protect their hard-earned life savings. At Choules Financial, protection is key.

When you’re near retirement, you need a strategy that protects some of your assets. For example, retirees with money in fixed index annuities or in max cash value life insurance don’t need to worry about their principal. Instead of being at the mercy of the market, the money is protected by the issuing insurance company. Additionally, some available options allow you to take an income that adjusts for inflation. Importantly, with these types of products, you don’t lose money if the market drops. In fact, you may be able to obtain a reasonable rate of return** on your money over time while protecting your nest egg from dropping.

A good retirement specialist can show you how to protect your principal while earning a reasonable return** over time. 

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Learn About How To Plan For Your Retirement

While you are still working, you may have a higher tolerance for risk. If you invested in the stock market to grow your retirement account, you have certainly seen some ups and downs. However, as retirement approaches (or, arrives!) many people look for ways to protect their money. The strategies you used to grow your money may not be the same ones you use to secure your money. Now, keeping your money protected may take over as the main strategy. At Choules Financial, we believe that protection is key.

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Retirement Strategies Unique To You

If you are looking for safety, do you have to give up any possible upside in the rate of return? The short answer is “No, you don’t.”

Choules Financial works with our clients to find annuity and/or life insurance products that provide security of their principal while keeping the possibility of a reasonable rate of return.** Achieving potential money growth while protecting your retirement income may be possible. Let us show you how.

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