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Since 2009, Devin and his team have helped hundreds of people in retirement to secure their retirement savings and protect their assets. By implementing three main principles (keep retirement money safe, obtain a reasonable rate of return, and have a simple strategy for retirement), Devin’s company has continued to grow and receive industry awards for its success.

As an undergraduate student, Devin studied accounting at Utah State University and went on to receive his Masters in Accounting from Southern Utah University in 2014. Ten times per year, he also attends national industry events for continuing education. 

Being raised in a farming town of 200 people, where there are more cows than humans, Devin learned the value of helping others, hard work, and long hours. Those characteristics were magnified by growing up in a family of 8 where every dollar mattered and for most people, there wasn’t the option to ever lose a single dollar. Devin was taught to be conservative and had a natural fascination for numbers, math, and money. Later in life, he saw a family member experience loss in the stock market, and Devin resolved to help people start with safety first.

Devin Choules has lived throughout Utah and has close ties in St. George. When not working with clients, you can find Devin spending time with his wife, Nicole, and their four children.

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