A Guiding Principle:

Look For A Reasonable Rate of Return** In Retirement

Protection is key

Getting A Reasonable Rate of Return** In Retirement

Three key principles guide us and our work. Firstly, protection is key. In other words, you should look for ways to keep your money safe in retirement. Secondly, our goal is to help clients get a reasonable rate of return** in retirement. Thirdly, your retirement strategy can be simple. We don’t believe something has to be complicated in order to work. Most of our clients want to first and foremost protect their money. However, they also like to know that a reasonable rate of return** may be possible.

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Protecting Your Money

Learn More, Get More

At Choules Financial, our focus is on educating you to make the best decision possible. Remember, this is your retirement future, so making the right decisions for yourself is key. One main idea to think about when it comes to rate of return is inflation. Essentially, if you would like for your money to out-earning the inflation rate without losing your principal, then certain fixed index annuity products may be worth looking into. Additionally, you may want to look for options that give you a reasonable rate of return.** This is why education is important when it comes to retirement options

We’re here to help you learn your options. Find out more now.

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"Protection Is Key."

Want to learn more about your options for a reasonable rate of return**? Set up a no-obligation one-on-one appointment today. Knowledge is power, and we believe in empowering our clients.

How to Find a...

Reasonable Rate of Return** In Retirement

When you’re in retirement, it is important to find balance. Specifically, finding a balance between risk of principle and return on your money. The good news is, there are options that do allow for both protection of principal and a reasonable rate of return.** The trick is simply to learn about all your options and make an informed decision.

Typically conservative places for your money include certificates of deposits (CD’s), savings accounts and savings bonds. However, these vehicles tend to also have much lower rates than higher risk options. Thankfully, if you want to protect your money, yet still generate a reasonable rate of return** over time, there are alternatives.

"Protection Is Key."

Fixed Index Annuity Rates of Return

One benefit of a fixed index annuity is that its return rate is not based upon the stock market. In contrast, an annuity is a contract between you and an insurance company. The insurance company calculates a rate of return based on an index and several other factors, including:

  1. Annuity term (how long it is for)
  2. Annuity additional benefits
  3. Dollar amount that has been placed into an annuity
  4. Income rider (whether or not it has been included)
  5. Conditions and contract terms set by the insurance company


Products Specific To Your Situation

It is important to note that every person’s financial situation is different. Therefore, be sure to meet with us to go over policies and accounts that belong to you or your spouse. Your current retirement strategy may already be exactly what you need. Based on a risk assessment and a review of your assets, we can work together towards the right solutions for your retirement.




In retirement, low interest may simply not give you enough income to live on. True, your money may be protected. But if you can’t create enough income from it, then it isn’t the right place for your money, You need a way to keep your principal protected, regardless of the market conditions, However, you also may want a potential reasonable return rate.**

So, what about higher interest rate options in retirement? The challenge here is that most of the time, when the interest rate rises, so does the risk. Therefore, if the market crashes, for example, this could impact your retirement savings. For some retirees, their accounts may not be able to recover. This is definitely not an ideal retirement situation.

To sum up, your interest rate goal may be slightly higher than what is offered through CD’s or basic bank account interest. In addition, you also want to keep your savings safe. Some types of annuities and life insurance products may be helpful for these retirees. Would you like to learn more? Contact us today.

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