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Protection is key

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"Understanding Different Retirement Strategies"

Enjoy a complimentary meal while you learn about protecting your income with our three-step process.

  1. Safety First-Protection is Key… Develop a solid financial blueprint to protect your principal
  2. A Reasonable Rate of Return**… Ensure you get a rate of return that does not compromise your blueprint
  3. Simplicity… Have a blueprint that is trustworthy and easy to understand

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What's The Safest Place For Your Retirement Money?

While you are still working, you may have a higher tolerance for risk. If you invested in the stock market to grow your retirement account, you have certainly seen some ups and downs. However, as retirement approaches (or, arrives!) many people look for ways to protect their money. The strategies you used to grow your money may not be the same ones you use to secure your money. Now, keeping your money protected may take over as the main strategy. At Choules Financial, we believe that protection is key.

Reasonable Rate of Return** In Retirement
- Is It Possible?

If you are looking for safety, do you have to give up any possible upside in the rate of return? The short answer is “No, you don’t.”

Choules Financial works with our clients to find annuity and/or life insurance products that provide security of their principal while keeping the possibility of a reasonable rate of return** over time. Achieving potential money growth while protecting your retirement income may be possible. Let us show you how.

A Simple
Retirement Strategy

Who says retirement has to be complicated? Do you have to spend hours every week or month trying to manage your money in order to retire? We don’t think so. In fact, we believe that some of the best retirement strategies are simple. It’s your money so it is important that you understand exactly how your retirement income works.

To help, Choules Financial takes a teaching approach. Specifically, we want you to be informed and ask questions. Our role is to provide you with the information you need to make the best retirement decision for you. In this way, we help keep things simple and easy to understand.

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About Choules Financial

At Choules Financial, we do more than help you learn your options for retirement; we want you to learn how to protect your retirement income. After all, protection is key.

What happens to your retirement lifestyle if the market takes a downturn?

If your retirement is invested in the stock market, you are no stranger to seeing your account go up and down. For some, these market changes are ok while they are still working. But, once you are in retirement, your priorities may change. You may start to wonder: “Can my account recover if the market drops?”

Because many retirees want to ensure their principal is safe from market dips, insurance companies offer annuity and life insurance products to meet that need. Our firm helps you to determine which options may be right for you. In summary, we are here to help you learn how to protect your retirement income.

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Why Clients Choose Us

First and foremost, we believe knowledge is critical to your retirement success. That’s why we provide regular education sessions to pre-retirees and those already in retirement. You deserve to know all your options, and how to best protect your retirement income.

Additionally, Choules Financial has a team with a singular focus: our clients’ long-term retirement stability. Our product offerings provide clients with the ability to keep their money safe, for the long haul. We are here to educate, answer your questions, and give you options for a “peace-of-mind” retirement.

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